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Earth in astral light;shutterstock 01-12-09

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Orbital Cartography.

The relevance of Orbital Cartography to efforts to alleviate future climate change effects will become apparent after the reader has completed the modular explanation of the theory. There are seven propositions to be considered here, and only four can be presented in a reasonably empirical manner. The final three are unproven, possibly downright speculative; but by the time you find them you may have an understanding of the synergistic nature of the 'whole'. A case is made which suggests that, while aspects of this theory remain uncertain, it nonetheless remains likely that it is the only means to address the eponymous headache. As such, I remain hopeful that it is not overlooked as a potential, as you might imagine!

The map itself constitutes a significant find, its salience to climate change may come as a slight shock, seperate to the find itself. Be prepared for two paradigm shifts, one gamble, and one possibly onerous but easily executed responsibility. That being said, do enjoy this as much as I enjoyed presenting it. The introduction will guide you through the opening concepts, and from there start you off with module one of the synopsis.

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